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This page includes sites where hummingbirds can be observed in the wild or--in a few instances--in aviaries. If you have a favorite hummingbird-watching locale that is open to the public, please send a description--and a picture if available--to PROJECTS.

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Madera Canyon, near Tucson, Arizona, is one of the great places to watch hummingbirds. In August, hundreds of young and adult hummingbirds gather around large, one-quart feeders, draining them several times daily. Although there are at least two species of hummingbirds in this photo, it's difficult to tell them apart--especially juveniles. It's best to just rent a room at Santa Rita Lodge (where this photo was taken) and spend days sitting on your cabin porch, watching hummingbirds and learning to identify various species.

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Another great hummingbird destination in the United States is the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum southwest of Tucson. Although you may see hummingbirds visiting the museum's outdoor cactus gardens, the real treat comes when you enter the world famous Hummingbird Aviary. Here you can sit on a bench beside natural plantings and see a half-dozen species of native hummingbirds from less than a meter away. Just don't wear a red hat, or you may be seeing the hummers from a distance of 10cm instead! If you visit the aviary in late spring or early summer, you're also likely to see that these birds will breed and nest in captivity.

The aviary has been under renovation, so you may wish to call in advance to see if it's open.

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The San Diego Zoo has a Hummingbird Aviary containing perhaps 100 hummingbirds of a half-dozen or so North American and tropical species. The aviary is between the Children's Zoo and Wegeforth Bowl.


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Each fall, hundreds of thousands--perhaps millions--of hummingbirds congregate on the coastal regions of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, an other southeastern states in preparation for a long migrational journey across the Gulf of Mexico. People flock to the area, too, for the annual Hummer/Bird Celebration in Rockport/Fulton, Texas each September. There are programs and vendors galore, but the real draw is the huge numbers of hummers.

More information about hummingbirds in Texas can be found at the Web site for the Texas Hummingbird Round-up.

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